Sunday, May 08, 2005


My Mother, The Superhero

This Mother's Day I just wanted to take some time to remember my own. She was my favorite "superhero." No one understood "with great power comes great responsibility" better than she. She raised 5 men, teaching them to respect everyone for the uniqueness they brings to God's table.

She taught us that there is a very good reason "truth and justice" should come before "the American Way" and that when those three truly go hand-in-hand, we'll ALL be the better for it.

She taught me that women are God's wonders, though sometimes they may be held down, they always find ways to rise above it all.

In teaching us that life is bigger than "the streets," she literally taught her sons how to avoid and in a sense, deflect bullets.

With my uncle's death at the hands of gunman, she instilled in us a healthy respect of firearms and an even healthier respect for life.

Most of all, she taught me how to read, to write, to laugh and love. The things that help me make it through the day and more than anything this is why I love her.

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