Friday, May 20, 2005


Number Four Of The Seven Deadly Signs Of Villainy!

Originally uploaded by Devon Sanders.



Ladies and gentlemen, these are the names you can expect to hear should someone you care about wears a DRESS WITH A SLIT!

What does wearing a dress with a slit say about the wearer, you ask? Wearing a dress with a slit implies you'll lift your skirt, giving one "easy access" to genital warts.

Catwoman has TWO slits in her dress and just look at her crazy evil ass! Hand on her hip. Big hair. Hooker boots. Whipping Batman one minute, trying to give him some butt the next. She's been crazed from so many slits! I'm crazed from so many slits! All's missing is a lamppost behind her!


Damn now we can't find one person with all of the evils. Unless there is some monacle wearing bald crossdresser with a goatee somewhere out there.
Universo in a slit dress. Can't somebody custom that? Or at least DRAW it?
Don't need Universo in a dress.

Ming the Merciless has (just about) it all: Glabrousness. Goattee. Slit dress.

Monocle strictly n/a, but only because they gots Lasik on planet Mongo.
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