Wednesday, June 01, 2005


For Thanagar!

The Hawks
Originally uploaded by Devon Sanders.
Wow. Just...Wow. Now, that's a sweet picture of a couple of ass-kickers. You won't find ass-kickers like these on Rann. Last time I checked (or cared), all Rannians were rendered impotent by their own science or something. Adam Strange's human 2-inch pecker is Rann's "superweapon."


Really sad.

I think your remembering the Swamp Thing's visit to Rann, where I believe it was revealed that the majority of Rannians are sterile or impotent or some such.

No, really.
Poor, poor Rannies.

Alan Moore neutered you.
But Adam Strange's magic seed saved the day and Swampie brought life back to the planet.

Course, that Thanagarian chick was pretty kick ass in that story. Well, until she was killed by a living liquid blob.
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