Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I wasn't going to "toot" my own horn but The Washington Post listed the comics shop I run, Beyond Comics 2, in their Sunday Source section. The Sunday Source is The Post's Sunday feature pointing people towards "hip and cool" things to do and see in The DC Area. You have no idea how happy this makes me. It's been a tough year for me and this is one little victory I'll hold dear. It let's me know that I'm doing SOMETHING right. I don't know what it is but... (shrugs and smiles)

My great staff and my customers make Beyond Comics 2 what it is..."Hip AND Cool," and that makes me proud.

A comics shop that's "cool and hip?" Well, if SOMEONE has to shoulder the burden, why not us?



Devon said...

Thanks, Scip.

God, I really should get a PC, huh?

Shane Bailey said...


JackM said...

That's awesome, Devon! Congratulations!!

Devon said...

Thank yew! Thank yew! (singing badly) "It's A Beautiful Daaaay...."

Jason said...

I saw that, by the way, and wanted to throw you some congrats as well. Write ups are always fun.

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