Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Lest We Forget...Sean Fahey

Steve Rude's The Moth
Originally uploaded by Devon Sanders.
He's 6'4", a father and husband and I think fights crime on the High Seas and no, he's not Aquaman.

No, he's Sean Fahey, friend, former customer of my comic shop, Beyond Comics 2 AND currently, my editor at CHUD's "Thor's Comic Column."

He also happens to be a pretty good writer, as well.

What makes him so special, you ask? He also wrote a fine introduction to the just-shipped trade paperback, STEVE RUDE's THE MOTH!

Check out the trade (In stores now.) and while you're at it go to the links and click onto "Thor's Comic Column" link to find out why more people than just his mother love this guy so much.

HE'S 6'4"??
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