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The Many Voices Of Batman

Olan Soule
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Look at this man and what do you see? An accountant? Your fifth grade science teacher?

Perhaps, the better question would be what do you hear coming from this man? Do you hear a stutter? Would you look at him and think, "Batman?"

This man, Olan Soule, was the "voice" of Batman on "SUPERFRIENDS" for over a decade.

After watching Super Friends, Vol. 2, my answer is definitely, "Yes, I do," and it lead me to think of just how incredible of character Batman truly is. When I close my eyes and try and "hear" Batman, I still hear the voice I associated with Batman as a kid.

I "hear" Adam West of the "Batman" TV show, as well. God, do I hear that halting monotone of his, delivering lines like "Some days you just can't get rid of a bomb!" Damed near makes me laugh every time I think about it. For me, Adam West IS Batman...

until I heard Kevin Conroy voice Batman on "Batman:The Animated Series." Now, that's Batman! With a voice sounding like a cold wind coming off the night air, how could he not be? He is until I watch "Superfriends," and again, someone else becomes Batman, all over again.

As great as Christopher Reeve was, I don't "hear" Superman. I don't "hear" Lynda Carter's Wonder Woman.

Batman has as many voices as he has stories.

I like it that way.

Yes, as awful as I thought Keaton was as Bruce Wayne, he DID have 'the Batman voice'.

The one thing worrying me in the new Batman trailer is, Bale's got the bod but it doesn't sound like he has the voice. Could be a problem.

After all, anyone who puts on the right Batsuit gets the body. But the voice...?
Yeah. He was an excellent voice actor. Kinda sad they gave the role to Adam West for the Super Powers era and Soule had to do other roles on the show.
I know. He was reduced to the voice of Firestorm's Professor Stein.
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