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Whatever Happened To...Jonni Thunder?

Jonni Thunder
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I remember, as a kid, being mezmerized by this comic. It had a bunch of things going for it. Words penned by All-Star Squadron writer, Roy Thomas. Gorgeous art by comics legend Dick Giordano.

Though similarly named after All-Star Squadron member, Johhny Thunder, from what I can remember the 1985 comic "Jonni Thunder AKA Thunderbolt" treated this as mere coincidence.

(I could be wrong.)

I was thirteen when this was released and 20 years on, the Giordano imagery still looks great to me. How could you go wrong with a pretty blonde and her butt-naked golden "genie" from Mr. Myxyzptlk's Fifth Dimesion? Oh, yeah. I seem to remember that my 13 year old eyes noted that Giordano drew the decidedly female Thunderbolt in a constant state of...excitement.

I vaguely remember seeing a DC house ad for Infinity Inc. #1 that included The Silver Scarab (Now Dr. Fate), Fury, Nuklon, Brainwave, Jr., Northwind, The Huntress, The Star-Spangled Kid and Power Girl and Jonni Thunder as its' founding members. Alas, with Infinity Inc's first issue, Jonni was nowhere to be found.

Was Jonni Thunder AKA Thunderbolt a victim of "Crisis Continuity," a newly designed square peg for DC Comics' newly re-imagined square holes?

If so, too bad. This character seemed to have a good bit of story to tell. With her long absence from The DC Universe, she just may have some new and very interesting stories to tell.

She did pop up (so to speak) a couple more times, in later issues of Infinity Inc. and Crisis on Infinite Earths. I wrote briefly on it here (the second post under July 8th, if it doesn't load right), with a pic of the promo poster!
I know the house ad you are talking about but it wasn't Jonni Thunder in it. It had a orange/brown character called (I think) "El Guerra" or something like that. She was in a cat costume and on a motorcycle. She eventually evolved into the Yolanda Montez Wildcat during the Crisis.

I just don't recall Jonni Thunder in the ad though.
Now that you mention it, you're right!

That wasn't Jonni.

Now, I'm even sadder. Jonni got no love even then.
The thing I can't remember was if Jonni Thunder was on Earth-1 or not.

I mean, there was the evil Johnny Thunder who took over the Earth-2 T-bolt way back in the days when comics were fun.

But I don't know if Thomas set her stories on Earth-1 or Earth-2. It'd make sense for Earth-2 since every book he wrote (with the exception of Captain Carrot) was pretty much on Earth-2.

Do you know?
It came out in '85, a year before 'The Crisis." I can only assume (and I'm probably wong), that it must have taken place on Earth-2. That's probably the cause of her never truly becoming a factor in The DCU. She might have become a problem even as her first issue shipped.
OMG! I was trolling the internet for various comics-related stuff and saw this! I remember being just preadolescent and buying the last issue in this 4-part series just because I liked the way it looked and LOVING the story but not being able to get the first three. Thanks for the memories!
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