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"Seven Hells!" in cooperation with The Absorbascon has been offering characters up for "donation" to Marvel based on the character'(s) strengths and weaknesses or simply their inability to "fit" into The DCU.

I thought it would be a good idea to list the "donations," to date and the site that spirited them off all Jor-El like.

1-37. The New Gods (Absorbascon)
38. Firestorm ("Seven Hells!)
39-43. The Hangmen (Absorbascon)
44. Orca ("Seven Hells!)
45. Mirage (Absorbascon)
46. The KGBeast ("Seven Hells!")
47. NKVDemon (Absorbascon)
48. Gunfire ("Seven Hells!)
49. Firehawk (Absorbascon)
50. Man-Bat ("Seven Hells!)
51-55. Helix (Absorbascon)
56-58. Vigilante(s) II-IV ("Seven Hells!)
59-60. Cannon & Sabre (Absorbascon)
61. Space Cabby ("Seven Hells!)
62. Lobo (Absorbascon)
63. Judomaster ("Seven Hells!")
64-65. Mongul & Mongal (Absorbascon)
66. Wild Dog ("Seven Hells!)
67. The Duke Of Oil (Absorbascon)
68. Snapper Carr ("Seven Hells!)

...and more to come!

If someone at DC said: "Devon, you can write a comic book for us but only if you use one of the characters on your donation list", what character you would from it?
Excellent question, Julio!

Maybe I'm foolish but I think The New Gods just may have a few good stories in them.
I think so too. Actually what make the entire Fourth World Marvel-esque is that they have a really convoluted storyline and that they are far removed from rest of the DCU (with the exception of Superman, that they sort of treat like a distant cousin). I think if they were streamlined they would be really great characters (though I like them right now, I do recognize they aren't as iconic as rest of the DCU). I know, they have names based on horrible puns, but unlike Scipio I don't think this a tell-tale sign of a Marvel character.
Devon, is the list a ranking list, or just random? That is, will number one be your top favorite draft choice--or just whoever else is left?
May I humbly suggest Bloodsport be added to the donation pool?
...And how long before someone named "Murderball" shows up in a low-rent DC title, you think?
The list is very random, John. In doing the "research" for this I've just been utterly amazed at the crap DC AND Marvel have floating in their universes. Some days I have to stop myself from doing more than one post.

I'm sure someone could do a Marvel equivalent if they were so inclined.

Everyday is a revelation. What I'd love to do someday is nominate Marvelcharacters I'd like to bring over to DC. I think She-Hulk would make a great DCer.

Dave: I can't. For some reason, Scip has a soft spot for Bloodsport. Then again, i could be an ass and do it anyway.
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