Saturday, September 10, 2005


If You Build It, They Will Run.

I just got done reading New Avengers. Probably for the last time. For nearly 25 years, I've been a long time Avengers fan. The Avengers could almost always be counted on for a good read. Why? Usually, because of its' roster. Most times, the writer would have the good sense to have The Avengers become a showcase on how to elevate a character to greater heights.

Firstly, I read it mostly because of how hard new members would try and live up and become a part of The Avengers ideal. In the storyline, "Avengers: Under Siege," with a roster comprised of founding Avengers, Thor, Captain America and The Wasp along with D-listers, Doctor Druid and The Black Knight, managed through tenacity, to fight off 17 of Marvel's villains in taking back Avengers Mansion. I feel no shame in telling you that this is my favorite "team" story of all-time. Yes, a Marvel comic, one written nearly 20 years ago.

Secondly, I read Avengers to get away from Spider-Man and Wolverine. I DO like these characters. I do. Before anything is said about overexposure, salt and pepper are naturally occuring seasonings. Superman and Batman are salt and pepper. In proper amounts, they combine to add taste and to spice things up. Spider-Man and Wolverine just by their singular origins and natures as wincing loners are destined to come off leaving bitter chemical tastes, overtaking whatever it is in. That being said, I've had this book become tainted for me.

Leaving a hole in my collection. One I hope to fill again.


They should retitle this comic "Brian Michael Bendis Shoving His Favorite Heroes Down Our Throats At The Expense Of A Good Story."

I have a deep and abiding love for all things Avengers, but this Sentry arc has been terrible. And one of the primary draws that you mentioned --- smaller-time heroes trying to fit in and prove themselves with the marquee team -- has been completely lost here, as there's no sense of a pecking order or team dynamic. It reads more like ---ugh--- the Champions.
But Devon, check out the variety in that lineup!

You've got Captain America, a shield-wielding acrobat. Then you've got Spiderman, an acrobat with spider-powers. Then you've got Spiderwoman, an acrobat with spider-powers and boobs. And then you have Wolverine, an acrobat with big pointy claw dealies! And then you've got Luke Cage, a guy who punches people, and Iron Man. And then you've got the Sentry. Everybody loves the Sentry! Joe Quesada tells me so!
New Avengers reminds me of role-playing games I have been in where the gamemaster decides that the Avengers suck and what would make a cool Avengers team would be Punisher, Wolverine, Gambit, some new guy no one has heard of that's obviously a stand in for the gamemaster and Black Cat, the new hero's girlfriend.
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