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In the world of wrestling there are "stables." Stables are usually comprised of singles wrestlers who, for one reason or another, can't make it on their own. So what do you do when you have talent you believe in? "Stable-ize" them.

"You! The wiley veteran wrestler in the corner who just may be past his prime! Act as these young boys' mouthpiece."

"You! The young energetic guy. You have no mic skills but you can "go" in the ring."

"You! What do you do? You're seven feet tall? You're going to be the young guy's tag-team partner. He'll cover up your weaknesses and when things look bad for him, he'll tag you in and make you look like a hero."

These groupings have been going on for years and with great deals of success. The Rock benefitted immeasurably from "stabile-ization." Look at how well it worked for him.

So, just imagine if you took someone like Jason Blood (The Demon) and made some kind of connection with Brother Blood in an effort to make them stronger characters. Geoff Johns did this when he ingeniously had JSA member Doctor Mid-Nite break up one of underutilized Batman villain, The Crime Doctor's illegal "crime" hospitals.

"Seven Hells!" in association with The Absorbascon (See "Links" section.), will be doing that, as well. Over the next several weeks, we'll be sort of "seeing how that couch would look over there," so to speak. The DC Universe is a vast, wonderful place. We intend to prove it.

You forgot one little thing about stables. Evetually, one of the members gets disenfranchised with the group, or the group gets disenfranchised with them over something. It can be over a title or concerns that the new blood may take their spot. When that happens, someone ends up the odd man out.

So in Scipio's idea of a new gang for the Joker, how would his former cronies feel? Moe, Lar and Cur have always been loyal to the boss. Rowan and Martin may not care for the fickle Finger of Fate poking them aside. And while Dick was the talker of the two, Tommy's yo-yo tricks always make Mr. J smile. If they are suddenly pushed aside for the Royal Flush Gang I would imagine that they would be tempted to do something about it.

Stables make good wrestling shows, but stables imploding upon themselves usually make it even better.
"Heel" stables are practically designed to shine brightly, only to implode upon themselves. Imagine a catfight with guns and axes involving Jewelee and Harly. Now, I would pay to see that.
The best example of the heel stable in comics was the original Secret Society of Super-Villains, I think. Alone, they never really accomplished much, but together they warranted their own title... not too shabby. They even had their own Bobby Heenan-esque manager in the form of Funky Flashman!
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