Thursday, September 22, 2005


Stolen Art!

To the person who stole this two-page spread from Dexter Vines' table at The Baltimore Comicon:

Give it back. It's not yours.

If anyone sees someone showing of these pages, know that they are stolen.

Really, what are you going to do with it? Re-sell it? Any true comics fan worth a damn WILL NOT buy stolen art.

Secondly, Vines was a guest at the convention. It's one of the few chances fans get to interact with the pros and Marc Nathan, the con's organizer, created it as a love letter to the industry. Fans and pros alike have responded to it in impressive numbers. Now, your greed has gone and threatened to mess it up for everyone.

If you're truly a fan of the comics medium, you know that fair play counts for something in just about everything. Remember why you came to the con in the first place, the love of the medium and return the art. The artwork can be returned, no questions asked to:

699 Ponce De Leon Ave #208 Atlanta GA 30308

Some jackass stole that sweet two-pager? Man. I sure hope someone spots it and rats out the thief, 'cause this is the sort of thing that convinces pros not to bother with conventions.
The thief should be destroyed by the REAL Composite Superman, imprisoned, and forced to read nothing but "Dazzler" for the rest of his life.
Every once in a while, you hear about stolen art, but is there a centralized sort of "be on the lookout" list somewhere?

Seems like it'd be a good idea.
Dexter's wife is a bud, and I hope for the sake of the crook that she never finds him.

If she does, then he'll never be seen again.

At least, not in his totality.
A centralized database of stolen art, perhaps hosted by the CBLDF or some other industry-wide organization, would be an excellent idea. Thumbnails of the stolen art, a description and details on "last seen at" and so on. Who would we contact about getting this going?
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