Saturday, September 10, 2005


U Decide 2005! (Updated)

(Voting ends Tuesday, noon, Eastern Time)

Let's be honest with each other: Some of DC's super-team books are just plain bad. For every Justice League, there's a Primal Force. For every Primal Force, a Power Company.

In regards to The Power Company, the philosopher, B. Simpson sums up my feelings with these words: "I didn't think it was physically possible, but [it] both sucks and blows. "

Over the past two months, I've been, in co-operation with "The Absorbacon," "donating" DC characters to where we think they'll fit just that much better. Marvel "Entertainment." As I was preparing to spirit The Power Company off to Marvel, I felt a slight tugging on my cape. It was Hong Kong stuntman and Power Company member Striker Z, asking, no, pleading with me to let him stay. This is him, in his own words, describing the honor of being a DCU resident as opposed to a Marvel-ite: "I'd rather be a pegboy on Captain Compass' ship than be a captain on a garbage barge." Striker Z, you moved me.

Regardless, I'm not sparing you all that easily.

Who are The Power Company? Why are their heads on the chopping block? Look at the characters and find out why:

WITCHFIRE: Britney Spears-wannabe/witch.

STRIKER Z: A living battery. Put him next to Vibe and well...Scip starts writing fan-fic.

SKYROCKET: She wears a energy harness...and not even a sexy energy harness, at that.

MANHUNTER: A clone of a previous Manhunter who was recently killed off in the pages of "Manhunter."

SAPPHIRE: Has the power to form a "gem coating" all over her body. Translation: The ability to save her own ass.

BORK: A super-strong man/monster. I like Marvel's Thing, I don't like this THING.

They're led by corporate attorney, Josiah Power. Get it? The POWER Company? (tee-hee)

You want to stay? Not my choice anymore, homey. I'm leaving it to the blogosphere. To the readers of "Seven Hells!" The question is simple: The Power Company? "Yay!" or "Nay!"

Readers? Do your thing!

I say the nay!
I'll buy their bus tickets.

Using the royalties from my great America novel, "Vibe Meets Black Lightning ... In An Alley In The Ghetto At On A Hot Summer's Evening>"
So, is Bork powerless against Ted Kennedy?
Sorry, hit enter too early The Kennedy crack should be attributed to me.
Teams that are made up from scratch (rather than using pre-existing characters) have always seem rather, well, made up and uninteresting. And there is nothing interesting at all about this bunch. They're not even Marvel material. (And what the f**k kind of name is Bork anyway? Was he named by the Muppets' Swedish Chef?)
They fit neither DC nor Marvel to be honest; generic nineties characters, they belong at Image or Wildstorm...
6 say "Nay!" So far.

Will no stand up for this lot?
For that, Devon, you'll have to call Brandon...

he loves them.

The idea of a super-hero team run like a law firm is an interesting one, but this series didn't have the edge it needed. Most of the characters--all of them except for Manhunter and Witchfire--were just too nice. The series improved, I think, when Josiah Power was taken out of action and there was a power play for the direction of the team. But by that point, sales had already tanked, and it was too late to save the series.

I think an approach more like the one on Boston Legal would have worked better. On that show, the characters are smart, funny, opinionated, and constantly manuevering against each other. That would have worked for the Power Company, but I think Kurt Busiek might have been too "nice" of a writer to pull that off.
I'll take that one as a "Yay!"
I vote "yay" - really enjoyed the series while it lasted.
The worst part is, Bork WASN'T made up from scratch. He was an old Batman bad guy.

As a series, it had good moments but yeah, it's more of a Marvel idea.
I vote Nay. Honestly, they always looked like they escaped from a Champions comic. Even the name was dull. I'd buy a comic about The Electric Company before I would buy Power Company.
Yay. I liked the series.
I vote Yea. And want to argue for a special dispensation for Skyrocket even if the rest of the lot has to go.
There's good old Bork there.

And you can't give the new Manhnter away, he's dead.
Big Yea. After a stumble out of the gate, the series got ridiculously readable. Plus, Firestorm!

Stupid superhero lawfirm beats rape-o comics anyday.
It's 9 "Nays!" versus 6 "Yays!"

Can The Power Company pull it out with only an hour and a half to go?

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