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Number One Of "Seven Hells'! Soldiers"

Wonder Woman
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It's pretty simple really. She was my first crush. Let me amend that. Lynda Carter was my first crush. She set me straight in more ways than one. Nearly 25 years later, it finally hit me. I am a comics fan beacuse of Wonder Woman. I love women because of Wonder Woman.

Let me amend that.

Wonder Woman has always been full of contradictions. All at once relating an idyll, yet one that refused to be put on some kind of pedestal. I've learned through trial and many an error that all women are Wonder Woman.

I simply love this character and the above picture from Countdown To Infinite Crisis crystallized the feeling even more. Superman literally looked down on The Blue Beetle as he relayed his suspicions. The Martian Manhunter dismissed him. When everyone thought him beneath notice, she stopped and showed him something no other character could...

Respect. Kindness. Consideration.

She validated him.

That's all he needed and he got it, from Wonder Woman. As long as she's around, The DC Universe will stay a bit more, I guess, humane.

I like that.

" I love women because of Wonder Woman. "

Me, too!
Which is probably the real reason she killed Max, not because he could conrol Superman, but because of what he did to BB.
So, your Seven Soldiers were...let me see if I can remember:

Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, Iron Man, Vibe, ummmm...Bashful, and... Worf...?

Well, I've forgotten. Point is, how about a recap? And, as someone suggested earlier, a group-Photoshop-shot?
Of the Big Three, Wonder Woman is certainly my favorite. She's combines the strength and inspiration of Superman with the ass-kicking-ness of Batman. Plus she makes me feel all funny in my pants.

I hope she's treated well after the Crisis.
I'm glad they are finally making her as important to the DCU for this crossover as they are with Superman and Batman. I feel like they usually make her an observer in these situations, but with Superman breaking into reality to end all that is, and Batman accidentally (love that) unleashing the OMAC's on the world, having Diana be personally responsible for the shift in public opinion away from superheroes by killing Max is perfect. Now if they can just maintain her compassion and her regal nature.
Hi Devon,

I love your post. I hope you don't mind me posting it on my blog. It's a Spanish blog devoted to WW, but your words truly represent my feelings toward her and I wanted to share your post with the Latin American community.

Sending you the BIGGEST hug.
The site is here:
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