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Seven Reason To Become A DC Comics Fan No. 6

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In the pages of Infinite Crisis #3, after being propositoned by Superman for a chance at a better world for himself and Gotham, Batman asks the question any good father would basically ask, "Would my child be a better person for it?"

When Superman tells him the answer is "No.", there was never even a deal to be made.

Batman...not an a-hole, just a damned good man.

Read comics!

At first this confused me as I was reading quickly.

I thought he was trying to decide which Dick Grayson he wanted.

Then I re-read it.

That's my favorite scene in the entire book. That and Batman's look of determination on the last page. It's on now! The bad guys better watch out!
Batman has all the great lines in IC. Almost like they're setting him up for a fall...
I don't really have anything to say, but I had to post because the verification word was 'iiizzlo'!
One of the best lines in IC.
Bravo fer this.
Oh and Merry Christmas :D
I still think Batman's an ass, primarily. But that moment showed he could be redeemed. It was great.

(Now if he could just figure out how to connect emotionally with Dick, himself. And stop screwing with Tim's brain in the hopes of building a better successor, he'll be gold! :-))
I think a lot of people are slightly misreading this dialogue. Batman is really indicating just how proud he is of Dick Grayson (and Superman, having watched him, has to agree.)

Superman's basic line of argument is "Well, some people will be replaced, sure, but they'll be *better* people! Not like these creepy jerks you've got on the current Earth."

Which Batman pretty much answers with the example of Dick Grayson, who's a fine man by any standards.
I got the gist of it when I was reading, but what exactly happened to Dick Grayson on Earth-2? I thought he just became the adult Robin? Or did something awful happen to him that I missed? I'm not as well-versed in Pre-Crisis DC continuity as I'd like..
Joe: no, the E-2 Robin just grew up and became a Batman-ized Robin. For a while he had a Batman-esque costume (with a Robin "R" instead of a bat on his chest), but later went back to an updated, adult red and yellow version. He wasn't any better or worse, but he wasn't markedly better. He died with E-2 Huntress and Kole in the original Crisis.

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I read it as Batman wondering if Superman's offer would *protect* Dick. Bats would've wanted to prevent Dick from ever having to feel the shame of murder, as the current Nightwing feels guilty of when he allowed Tarantula to kill Blockbuster.

Not a matter of pride, but love.

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