Friday, December 09, 2005


Seven Reasons To Become A DC Comics Fan No. 5

It's happened four times now and I couldn't be happier.

I've had to re-order copies of Jonah Hex #1 and yesterday I put in a re-order for Jonah Hex #2.

Why, you may ask, is that reason to make this one of the seven reasons to become a DC Comics fan?

DC Comics has brought back variety in their DC Comics line. Last year, DC brought back space adventure in a big way with the Adam Strange mini-series. (Collected in the Adam Strange: Plane Heist trade paperback, on sale now.)

This year, they reinvigorated the Western with the release of the excellent Jonah Hex ongoing series.

Next year, war comics return with comics great Joe Kubert and Sgt. Rock in tow. (On sale January 18th.)

I don't know about you but just knowing that these characters are back out there on The DC Universe's front lines and on the comics rack assures a bit that the industry is as strong as it's been in a good while. Sometimes the best ideas continue to be the simplest ideas. What could be simpler than men who go out there, fighting the good fight with nothing but their given names and earned respect.

Read comics!

As much as I sometimes want to get all cynical and jaded, I can't help but get excited about a lot of the stuff DC has coming.

Lots of diverse stuff, even among the books that *are* "super-hero" books. Busiek and Guice on a sword-and-sorcery-flavored Aquaman? Hawkgirl by Simonson and Chaykin? Some cool stuff going on there.
Word is that WARLORD is coming back, too.
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