Wednesday, January 25, 2006



Lois Lane and Thorn strapped to a huge organ, while a another woman lies, bound and gagged on the floor.

In Gotham, this would be horrifying.

In Metropolis, they call this Wednesday.

In Vertigo, it would be called "page two"....
I know she's been a grade A fashion victim for much of her 67 years but Lois... the tie has to go!
Man, lookit those pipes!
Covers like that remind me of why I became a supervillain.

There are some perks to this job that no other gig can match.

(By the way, I'll be taking Goon Squad and Villainous Lieutenant applications in the spring, so prepare your resumes. The world will be ours, they'll all pay, etc., etc.)
I'm quite happy being a Malcontent, thank you very much.
In Paradise Island, they would call it a good start.
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