Sunday, February 26, 2006


Mystery Solved!

The identity of The Outsiders' newest member revealed...


Talk amongst yourselves.

(Thanks to Big Monkey Comics subscriber C. Mah for providing the insight.)

Why is she wearing the costume of Lightning Lad from the Legion? Maybe she's his ancestor or something. Who's that behind Katana?
Michael, that's Thunder, Black Lightning's daughter. Behind Katana is, I believe, "Grace", some silly new character already in the Outsiders.

The reveal here is in the link; it's Captain Boomerang!

Now THAT surprises me...
nice one, DVS>
Let me reiterate that I am SO glad Thunder is giving up that Godawful wig.

I have no idea what kind of justification there could be for Captain Boomerang II joining the team, but I'll buy into it (if only for the awesomely awkward conversations between Wally and Dick that it's gonna produce).
In the latest issue of Outsiders (pre-One Year later) where they save Mary Marvel, the Outsiders save Captain Boomerang Jr. after the Society leaves him to die in the explosion. So, the obvious explanation is that its either a debt of gratitude /honor thing, or else they've got some sort of "Task Force X" vibe going on-but most of them are heroes and Task Force X is supposed to show up with Checkmate. My .02

Forget Captain Boomerang the Second, I wanna talk about Thunder's hair some more! I didn't think the wig itself was Godawful -- it was lustrous, beautifully styled and a lovely shade of blonde. I agree, however, that it was an unfortunate choice for an African-American woman. And I'm all for natural hair. My only problem with how it looks on the cover? The length of it. I think it would look great shorter or longer, but I find that medium-length irksome. Retro-70's vibe? Bah! It's just not becoming on ANYBODY. Remember Shimmer's "Carol from the Bob Newhart Show" 'do when she first appeared in New Teen Titans?
i think Captain Boomerang II is perfectly germane to a discussion of the Outsiders' combined coiffeur. I mean here's whatcha got:

Nightwing-black and straight
Katana-black and straight
Thunder-black and big cotton candy
Grace-basically black with pony tail.

Capt. Boomerang II has RED-blond anime hair.

A new compelling clash with the rest of the team.
"A new compelling clash with the rest of the team."

And, after all, it is so very important that one's superteam be color-coordinated.
BTW, has anyone noted that the guy up top looks more like Metamorpho than Shi(f)t?
if only for the awesomely awkward conversations between Wally and Dick that it's gonna produce

Wally and Dick? Try Tim and Owen!

"Your father killed my father!"

"Your father killed my father!"


Actually, steven, I'd figure the next step Owen and Tim would take is to figure out a way to beath the holy hell out of Jean Loring, since she's the one that set it all up.

Might be kind of tricky since she's bonded with Eclipso, and the Shadowpact left her on an asteroid orbiting the sun, but Tim's clever, he'll figure something out.
I wouldn't mind at all if they got rid of Shift and brought Metamorpho back into the Outsiders. He's always been one of the best weirdo DC heroes!

Remember all of the cool older Outsiders like Looker, Halo and Geo-Force? Everybody's forgotten them...

if there were a comic that featured nothing but Tim, Owen, and Ralph kicking the shit out Jean Loring for 22 pages...

(to steal a line from Scipio)

... I'd buy four copies.
HA! I knew it! I knew that was Owen from the first time I saw the Nightwing-only cover! It was the scarf...

I'm seriously jazzed, I dig the character.
Wait-you mean that isn't Metamorpho?

Wait, you mean they killed off the original Captain Boomerang? Bastards! (Or rather: Bloody bikes!) I will only buy this comic if the new Captain Boomerang lives up to his family legacy and shoves all the annoying new Outisders into enemy gunfired because they make fun of his hair.
I don't see why they would make fun of his hair, he has much more of it then his Dad. Besides, technically his Dad is still "alive" in the future somewhere...Captain Boomerang II has more than a tangential relationship to the Flash lineage...
I do really like Owen, and I'm excited to see him. However...I am also on the "Waaaaaah, where's Roy?" fangirl wangst wagon. Sigh.
Looks like DC finally unveiled the Outsiders new 'secret member' today! Its officially Owen!

now if they can just change Thunder's hair so she doesn't look quite so much like she has a big dollop of black cotton candy on her head...
"Remember all of the cool older Outsiders like Looker, Halo and Geo-Force?"

Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha! You're killing me!

Too mean!
Has it been revealed who Owen's mother is?

I'm betting on Iris.
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