Friday, March 03, 2006


A Good Walk...

Before working at Big Monkey Comics, I used to manage bookstores and while working at one, I came across a book on golfing titled "A Good Walk Spoiled." Honestly, I could care less about golf but I can appreciate a good book title. Soon after, I allowed myself to be drug out onto a golf course and after taking a nice, long stroll along lush greens while having to carry what felt like one-hundered pounds of metal and leather, I truly came to appreciate the book's title.

Fast forward 10 years later, I'm reading the final issue of Wonder Woman, issue 226, to be exact. Greg Rucka's words and artist Cliff Richards' horribly under-appreciated art are building up towards a beautiful ending to Rucka's final say-so's on Superman and Wonder Woman. I am floating on air...

...until Wonder Woman spoke to the rat.

Who knew there were" good" rats?

Now a "good walk" wasn't necessarily spoiled but you know, it was made kinda weird.

Not exactly the point of the post, but "Good Walk Spoiled" is such a great book. I don't remember why I bought it in the first place, but I never thought a golf book could be half as good as it was.

John Feinstein could write a book about road construction and make it facinating.
In the credit where credit is due department: "Golf is a good walk spoiled" is a quote from Mark Twain
Who knew there were good rats? The Dropkick Murphys, for one.
I totally thought that rat or mouse was supposed to be the Phantom Stranger! Was I alone in that???
Next issue: Diana dies of the Plague!

But I kid the rat.
I just read that comic yesterday, and am also mystified by the friendly rat. I only started reading Wonder Woman last year, and was sorry to hear that Rucka's run was ending. I never used to be interested in the character or the writer's work, so I don't know why Artemis replaced Diana as Wonder Woman or how Diana regained the mantle.

Where will the Wonder Rat turn up next?! :)
Well, talking to animals IS one of her gifts. Or more specifically, her gift from Artemis, the "Hunter's Eye and Unity with the Beasts."

I've always thought that was a fun little power, rarely enough seen.
Ariel, I know she can speak to animals but c'mon, a rat?

Diana's charming and all but that's kinda pushing it.
Diana transcends the Disneyfied Fairy Tale princess wholesomeness by showing respect and warmth to the most loathsome of all creatures -- The Rat.

Her heretofore unseen kindness has deeply touched the heart of this much maligned animal, and results in a long and beautiful friendship.

Besides, when did you ever see Snow White talk to a rat?

I, for one, thought this was pretty cool. I mean, who needs a cat anymore? You can just ask all the mice and rats politely to leave the kitchen!

And, given my exposure to Nick@Nite growing up, and all of those sickening portrayals of 60s sitcom women standing on tables screaming, it's really fun to see a pretty princess pick up a dirty rat.
It's Bizarro Temptleton.
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