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The Great Curve's Top 50 DC Universe Characters

Tom at The Great Curve has posed an interesting question to the blogosphere, "Who are DC's 50 Greatest Characters?"

While putting together the list, two things surprised me:

One: How quickly it all came together and two, exact it all felt in its completion so, enjoy!

1. Batman (He sacrifices his nights to bring about better days. That's deep.)
2. Joker (The quintessential antagonist.)
3. Gotham City (Gotham City is a character in The DCU. Don't believe me? Can you imagine Batman in any place but?)
4. Superman
5. Jonah Hex (Just the idea of this guy holding the line until DC's "Golden Age." is ASTOUNDING to me.)
6. Lex Luthor ("Gets" Superman)
7. Wonder Woman
8. Wildcat (His power? He'll hit you. Hard.)
9. Hawkman (See above.)
10. Flash (Jay Garrick) (Morality walking upright.)
11. Kyle Rayner (He ain't the sharpest tool in the shed but his heart will always be in the right place.)
12. Robin (Tim Drake) ("The" Robin)
13. Oracle (Reinvention done right.)
14. Sgt. Rock (I won't read him but just knowing he's out there fighting in The DCU is a comfort.)
15. Johnny Thunder's Thunderbolt (Just one of those visuals that makes the DCU a wonderful place in which to sightsee.)
16. Aquaman (DC's first character to "grow up." He became a father, a husband.)
17. Lois Lane
18. Martian Manhunter (He's a nice Justice League accessory. He completes the ensemble, so to speak.)
19. Shazam! (Captain Marvel)
20. Black Adam (Brings new shades of gray area to The DCU with every appearance.)
21. Power Girl
22. Harley Quinn (The only character to EVER make me cry.)
23. The Question
24. Darkseid (Darkseid IS. He shows up and the stakes are instantly raised.)
25. The Riddler (Writers stray away from writing him because he's supposed to be written as smarter than the writer. Don't wanna be exposed as a bad writer? Stay away from The Riddler.)
26.The Creeper
27. Black Manta
28. Zatanna
29. Aquagirl (Lorena) (How could you not love a girl who fights crime in hip-hugger shorts, Keds, a tank-top and tube socks and then matter-of-factly tells The King of 70% of The Earth, "I'm the new Aquagirl.")
30. Black Lightning (He's just cool. He's the guy you wish your dad could be.)
31. Dolphin (How could you not love her? As Scip said, "She's a literal wet dream.")
32.The Spoiler (She deserved better.)
33. Mr. Miracle (Everything about this guy screams, "CONCEPT SHOULD NOT WORK!" Ugly costume, cheesy gimmick, but there's something about how much he loves his woman, Big Barda, that just gets you "right there," y'know?)
34. Big Barda (She fights as hard as she loves, man.)
35. Mr. Terrific (Michael Holt) (He's what I want to be when I grow up.)
36. Catwoman
37. Orion (The Hunger Dog. "Nature vs Nurture" kicks ass!)

By the way, look for Kyle Rayner: Adult! tomorrow.

Okay... when did Harley Quinn make you cry?
"Harley's Holiday."

Gets me everytime.

When Batman tells her, "I had a bad day too."

Well...I'm just no good to anyone after that.
I've been reading these lists all across the blogsphere, and very few folks are including Green Arrow... why ain't y'all got love for Ollie?
'Cause Ollie's a better idea than he is a character (and you only get 50 spots to fill).

Ignoring his early incarnation as "Batman, but with Arrows"... theory, modern Robin Hood, a politically and socially motivated superhero who is also a deeply flawed human being is a great concept for a character...

But it just hasn't lived up to that kind of potential.

That's not to say he's not a good character. I personally read and enjoy his book. But is he one of DC's 50 best? Heroes and villains and civilians included?
Nice to see Mr. Miracle. To me, his character speaks to me in ways that a space-traveling Houdini with an amazon wife shouldn't be able to do.
I also cry every time I see "Harley's Holiday".
"very few folks are including Green Arrow... why ain't y'all got love for Ollie?"

Neither would make my top 50, but I'd probably put Connor on a list before Ollie.
What? Green Arrow's in my top five, along with Jor-El, another non-mention.
I gave Green Arrow a little love in my list. #37. No Harley Quinn, though - but, then again, I haven't read Harley's Holiday...
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