Friday, May 12, 2006


It's "DC" Good!

Marvel has a new comic called "Agents of Atlas" coming soon. It's about 5 Golden Age heroes who held the line between the disappearance of Captain America and the emergence of The Fantastic Four.

This line from this interview on Comic Book Resources made me laugh out loud:

"We were both looking at the cover online and he started giving me this 'Doom Patrol' meets 'JSA' take - which was spot on."

You know your comic might be good when your Marvel editor looks at the book he's working on and thinks it's good enough for The DC Universe.

Aww, tha's jus' mean.

Jonah Hex-mean.

... twenty bucks says that Marvel puts out a weekly comic next year with the title "53."
Yeah, because every comic published by one company should be exactly like every other comic published by that company. God forbid these publishers should try to actually learn something from each other.

Seriously, though: if you're a huge DC partisan, and you think the "DC style" - whatever that may be - is superior to the "Marvel style" - whatever the hell THAT is - then shouldn't you be CONGRATULATING Marvel every time it decides to be more like its competitor?
Better to copy from DC than allow John Byrne to do another Hidden Years/Forgotten heroes book.
I have that 'What If?' issue that inspired this.

It's uniformly terrible.

I have zero desire to read a whole series about these morons.

And I typically like Marvel.

Despite what you may think or what you may believe, I actually like Marvel. What actually made me laugh was a Marvel editor outright saying that his comic felt "right" to him because it has a DC Silver Age vibe. I don't know what you do in "real life" but if I were working for Marvel and giving an interview, the last thing I'd do is measure my product's "good" by someone else's.

To me it sounded like a guy saying, "I knew my company made a good burger when it looked and tasted like a Quarter-Pounder with cheese."

Hope that helps.
Hunh. I also own the comic that imspired this. It is indeed terrible. (I even blogged about it.)

This news, however, means I might buy my first new Marvel comic in many years. I'm intrigued to see how they do it - especially if it has a silver DC vibe to it.
I'm also planning on checking out this book. And the only Marvel book I buy anymore is "She-Hulk." And yeah, it was the JSA/Doom Patrol comparison that intrigued me. But I totally agree with you, Devon, that was a pretty odd move by the editor.

Also, I love Leonard Kirk's art. I'm kinda disappointed, though, by his decision to draw Gorilla-Man as a flat-out, full-on gorilla and not something between a gorilla and a man, like he used to be. I guess I've had my fill of gorillas with machine guns after Monsieur Mallah. (Hey, I just found the "Doom Patrol" connection!)
Devon, I see your point, but maybe it's recognizing a lot of people read comics from both companies? And those were two books that had similar feels? I mean sure, if it's applicable, it'd be better to describe it as "Defenders meets Avengers" or something, but if it gets the interest of a fan, it doesn't seem too critical.

Like if the editor for meltzer's Justice League book says "It's like Avengers meets Defenders", i'd probably care a lot more about it than I do currently.

Of course, i'd want to know which Avengers: Busiek/Perez or Chuck Austen, but that's a whole other thing. . .
Seriously, though: if you're a huge DC partisan, and you think the "DC style" - whatever that may be - is superior to the "Marvel style" - whatever the hell THAT is

In my experience:

DC style--generally good.
Marvel style--generally bad, except for She-Hulk or anything with the word "zombie" in the title.

But admittedly, that might be an oversimplification.
Ehhh, as if it's new that creative people compare their new series to something published by a competitor.

Sounds interesting though, much more so than the John Byrne effort from some years ago.
"I guess I've had my fill of gorillas with machine guns"


I don't understand.

That's ... just not possible.

You have to understand. Blockade Boy's from the future. And in the future, gorillas with machine guns do the weather report. On every station.
...and a fifth member whose identity Marvel wants to remain a mystery for the time being.

And that mysterious fifth member will no doubt turn out to be Wolverine.
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