Friday, June 16, 2006


Lady Cop Week: Day Five

After impressing a Latin family with the thickness of her skull, Liza Warner, Lady Cop is assaulted by another purple-shirted ne'er-do-well...

What is it with these people and their purple shirts? Did Skeevy's Glen pirate population attack a ship full of pants, wifebeaters & t-shirts earmarked for color-blind orphans or something?

"This chick can!" Before I leave this Earth, I will write a pilot for a Lady Cop TV show. "This Chick Can!" will be the title of its theme song. For maximum affect, I will have a sassy, soulful, finger wavin' White chick ala Clay Aiken sing it.

For a day in Hell. maybe.

We'll probably never know if Lady Cop found her "Killer In Boots" but Lady Cop, I am very glad to have found a friend in you.

How can one not love someone who never forgets their purpose for being? Well, Lady Cop, I took it upon myself to find your "Killer In Boots." You two haven't seen each other in a while so without further ado...

"The Killer In Boots!"

May God bless and keep you, Robet Kanigher for bringing this glorious creation, Lady Cop, into this life of mine.

As an aside, can I just point out something lovely about this 1st Issue Special? Liza Warner witnesses a serial killer do in her roommates, joins the police academy, graduates, saves countless lives by getting rid of a live grenade, fends off two rapists, stops a liquor store robbery, saves a man using mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, dismisses her boyfriend's sexist attitudes, finds out a girl she'd helped before has VD, counsels her on how to cease its spread, gets punched in the face by her father, bringing the family together, gets attacked by an unknown assailant, whups his ass, saves him from drowning and then resumes her search for "The Killer In Boots..."

Did this take place in an epic six-issue story arc?


15 pages.

That's all you got back in '75. 15 little pages.

It may not have been "epic" but you know what?

It held my interest for a week.


It held your interest for a week and brought joy into the hearts of your readers all week too.

Alas, I am now eagerly awaiting Lady Cop: 31 Years Later.
"Know...And remember...That it is by the strength of our faith and our love that your path stays as bright as the eyes of Lady Cop herself. So say we all."
"--you chick in fuzz!"

What the hell? I think the Hulk has better grammar than that goon in the first panel.

But man, the one thing I've learned this week: I wouldn't mind if policewomen -- excuse me, "lady cops" -- started walking around in skirts and loafers. Those slacks and gunbelts they wear now just do nothing for their figures.
Maybe I'm just easily distracted, but could somebody please explain to me why O.J. has three legs in that picture?

Unless that's not a leg at all, in which case forget I said anything.
I'm pretty sure he loves Dingo Boots so much, he grew and extra leg so he could wear more of them.
I think that's where Johnnie L. Cochran, god rest his soul, got the idea of the "if it doesn't fit, you must acquit" line.
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