Thursday, July 06, 2006


Kyle Rayner: ADULT!

How do you know you're reading a comic book with Kyle Rayner in it? Even if it isn't necessarily about Kyle, he manages to take it over. Will it be with his effervescent wit & charm? His pride in his effortless mastery of the only Power Ring known to existence? His Daddy, trust, gender and commitment issues? Probably so.

C'mon, Kyle! You're talking "daddy issues" with a kid whose mother was an a damned hippie and whose father is a sanctimonious lecher with a bow & arrow. Could you not find Orion, Son of Darkseid to talk to?

Maybe he'd tell you he'd somehow gotten a glimpse of the future and seen how many people die once they get around you, he decided to get out while the gettin' was good.

What's in it for Connor? Well, he gets a mirror to hold himself up to, for one. This l'il archer's looking pretty good to himself right about now.

"Well, enough of this "feminine issues" bull..." Heh! That Kyle, so confused. He was after all the one who brought up his "feminine issues" and then got uncomfortable with himself. Connor just kept quiet, just rocking that purple shirt the whole time. If "issues" were a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors, tight snazzy purple tee would beat out leather jacket this time around, I think.

...and so ends another edition of Kyle Rayner: ADULT!


Conner? I see no Conner. That's Brainiac 5 Kyle's... talking... to...


yeesh, what hideous coloring. Have the comic faded over ten years, or was it always that bad?

Brainiac 4 is his mom.

Sexist pig.
I didn't know Brainiac 5's dad was an archer...
I say it's Beast Boy with a dye-job.
Obviously it's none of the above.

Clayface is just a lil sick today.
Well, I guess I'm not the only one who wondered why Kyle had joined the Legion. (though wouldn't that have made for an *awesome* crossover?)
Actually, that's what color Connor's supposed to be. I can see being confused, though, as I've heard rumors Winick erased all trace of Connor's heritage.
Connor's supposed to be darker toned.


Though, now that I look at it on my monitor at home, rather than work, Connor's coloring does look better (still not human, but better)...

which means either I need to adjust the color settings on my work monitor...

or Devon rescanned the images after I looked at them.

Oh, and Diamondrock?

Green Lantern 98 and 99.

Heck, just get 97-106. It's a five piece awesome platter the whole way through.
Green in the first one, not so much in the others. I'd say #3 looks just about right.
My monitor's not picking up green so badly.
Would anyone like to comment on the actual post?
Can't comment on post content, green coloration too distracting.
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