Monday, June 26, 2006

Superman Returns: Blogging's Easiest Review

I just got back from seeing a sneak preview of Superman Returns. I wanted to write some wonderfully detailed post but as I began to write, one single thought kept running across my mind:

I haven't felt this way after a movie since seeing Superman:The Movie as a six-year old in 1978.

I think that sums up my feelings pretty well.


Anonymous said...

I thought it was AWESOME! If there were any shortcomings, it was that Lois and Superman were a little stiff..but that's not unusual for the 'first' in the franchise. I liked Kate Bosworth's Lois more than the Margot Kidder Lois. Some GREAT special effects! Thanks again for giving me the chance to see the advance...!

Anonymous said...

Totally sucked - but non-comic fans will like it.

Ununnilium said...

Gah, I hate that comment. Everyone said that about X3, as if knowing that it didn't perfectly follow the comic version of the Dark Phoenix Saga somehow turned it into pure crap.

B-Discipline said...

It was a good movie and 'non-comic book fans will like it' is an ignorant comment. It implies not only that a movie can't be good if it doesn't 100% follow comic continuity (impractical to say the least), but that every comic book fan is some kind of unreasonable plot-nazi and none of us could ever like a movie that differs from the established story.

I'd just as soon not be grouped in with people who think like that.