Friday, August 18, 2006


Part Deux: "Seven Hells!" New Earth Theatre Starring Hawkman & Daniel

When last we saw Hawkman and Daniel, Hawkman tried to flatten his grandson with a mace.

Hawkman: (Swinging mace) Sweet Jes...

Daniel: I'm actually behind you now, grandfather.

Hawkman: (Snarling) Trust me, that's not a good place to be, boy.

Daniel: I have no idea what you mean. Sooo... what are we to do today? Shall we dream of a candy store?

Hawkman: No. I was thinking we could stay here and look through The JSA Archives and look up the exploits of Wesley Dodds. I'd think you'd like that. (Smiling)

Daniel: Hmmm.... not my thing, really.

Hawkman: (Snarling) What do you want to do then, boy?

Daniel: I... don't... know.
(Hours pass in utter silence.)

Hawkman: Look. Daniel? I just don't think this is going to work out. We're just too different. You're young. Why don't you go and do the things that young folks do. Just go and be happy. I have to go into Metropolis and look into the authenticity of a old brooch Green Lantern wants for his wife...

Daniel: YOU'RE GOING ANTIQUING?!? I LOVE ANTIQUING! Why, once I worked with The Justice League and I retrived this artifact. A memory, actually...

Hawkman: YOU worked with The Justice League?

Daniel: I worked with The Justice League.

Hawkman: Heh. Daniel, how would you like to accompany me to Metropolis? You can tell your grandfather a story.

...and so ends another episode of "Seven Hells!" New Earth Theatre. Be here next week for SHNET when Nightwing realizes he sucks.

That was a wonderful ending. I just love to see the generations bridge their gaps, it's beautiful.

word verification: augswt - the sound I make when Hawkman hits me with his mace for sounding like a sissy.
"Be here next week for SHNET when Nightwing realizes he sucks."

That's a genius last line... anywho, my ignorance here is picking me apart... when the hell did Daniel work with JLA? Or is that just some goofball 'New Earth' stuff you made up? I'm confused...
Daniel actually appeared at the end of JLA #23, tying a string of Starros around his nexk.

A Geek.
I figured Morrison would be involved somehow...
He was all over the prior issue, too, weirding out everybody in the Watchtower and sending Wonder Woman, Superman and Green Lantern into a Starro-induced collective dream-thing.
Be here next week for SHNET when Nightwing realizes he sucks.

You mean.. nobody told him yet?
I smell a new buddy movie franchise from Warner Bros.

"One's a conservative shirtless guy with wings who likes to hit people in the face with archaic weaponry!

The other's the embodiment of an abstract idea who also happens to look like a freakish, albino Robert Smith!"
"Together, they're cops!"
HAW! Fantastic stuff, Devon. I look forward to more New Earth Theatre!
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