Thursday, January 25, 2007


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Monday, January 01, 2007


"Seven Hells!" 2006 The Year End Issue

The "In 2006, I Learned My Best Friend Punched Like A Bitch" Award goes to:

The Flash

Just... God... What the %#@, man? Why in the world would you take Bart Allen, the missing link between Binky and Barry Allen, a character, if given time, SHOULD have become the greatest Flash of them all and jump the shark by turning him into a morose, whiny little a-hole. Hopefully, new Flash writer Marc Guggenheim can bring Bart back from the mess someone else created for him.

The "Best Use of A Title" Award

Tales Of The Unexpected

I expected to like the Dave (Stray Bullets) Lapham Spectre stuff (I don't) but out of nowhere comes Brian Azzarello knockin' me on my ass by pulling out his old issues of "Who's Who," and using Dr. Thirteen, Capt. Fear, Anthro, The Primate Patrol, The Haunted Tank & Genius Jones in a successful attempt to f*** my brain.

Best Comeback of 2006

Superman. The jury's still out on Geoff Johns and Richard Donner's Action Comics run but between Kurt Busiek and Geoff Johns' Superman run and All-Star Superman, it was a good for red and blue.

Honorable Mention: The Chief formerly known as Lady Cop.

After an over thirty year absence, she's back!

I have an admission to make. The day before Gail Simone re-introduced Lady Cop to The DCU. I shit you not, I lost sleep.

I lost sleep.

Moment Of The Year

"I'm afraid there's really only room for one dandy freak on this team."

These are, coincidentally, the words I expect to hear from Scip on the day that he kills me.

Writer Of The Year
Gail Simone

So what do you do when you lose your main character (Black Canary) in Birds of Prey to Justice League of America? You change the team dynamic, making it better by utilizing a rotating cast of characters. She also, along with Robin writer Adam Beechen, seemed to be the only writer to truly embrace the "One Year Later" concept as a chance to build something special.

Lady Cop aside, All-New Atom has, after only six issues, become one of my "first reads."

Villains United Infinite Crisis Special and Secret Six easily proved to be some of the finest super (hero) villain writing DC published all year.

Her books showed up on time.

Honorable Mention: Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray

Honestly, I thought Battle For Bludhaven was shit but from shit something beautiful can grow. Uncle Sam & The Freedom Fighters has been beautiful.

The "You Not Only Have Diarrhea But Now, You Have Hemorrhoids" Award goes to:

The Outsiders.

It just hurts and stinks on so many levels.

The Paris Hilton Award

Civil War. It's sorta pretty on the surface and then it jumped up on the table, started dancin' and gettin' loud and actin' wrong.

With that being said, "Seven Hells!" is going on an indefinite hiatus. The reasons are many but what it comes down to is this: I've been neglecting alot of personal issues and recently, they've come to a head. I simply can't ignore them anymore.

I'll be back. I enjoy doing this too damn much. So, yeah, I will be back and hopefully, you'll be too.

Take care.