Tuesday, July 17, 2007


On The Take: DC's October Solicitations

The return of one of my childhood favorites, Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew!


Booster Gold getting his drunk on with Jonah Hex....


Hawkman versus Black Adam, drawn by Doug Mahnke....


And, just when you think the month of October couldn't get any better....

Albino gorilla fighting featuring Wonder Woman as told by Gail Simone.


Holy crap - is it possible to overdose on awesome? That Hawkman story looks especially good; Mahnke's work on "Frankenstein" was one of my favorite parts of the Seven Soldiers mini (maxi? what'd they end up calling that, anyway?).
Oh man! Order plenty of Zoo crew! The return of Pig Iron! I'm so happy, I could just wet myself....ooops..too late
The thing that scares me about Zoo Crew is the first line of the solicitation. "A Countdown tie-in"

There's a Zoo Crew Earth? Will the Challengers of the Beyond be visiting? My head hurts.
There is SO much in October to get excited about!!

The Brave and Bold-WW and Power Girl team up by Perez!

The Crime Syndicate AND the Extremists!!

and possibly BEST of all Dwayne McDuffie on Justice League!!! With the return of the "Injustice Gang"!!!

plus Batman and the Outsiders #1 and the Kingdom Come Superman in JSA!! (yeah I know you probably are sick to death of it-but I'm a big fan!)
Where's Alley-Cat-Abra? Not to mention Little Cheese?
Where's Alley-Cat-Abra? Not to mention Little Cheese?

I guess you haven't been following events in Teen Titans...
I'm going to spend the next three months thinking about what a conversation between Jonah Hex and Booster Gold would entail... the possibilities are endless.

Hex: "I'm thinking y'all's time travellers"

Booster: "Who? Me and the flying robot? Naw, pardner, we're just big city folk out here in the old... er... present day west. Ain't that right, Skeets?"

Skeets: "Yes... I mean, yup."
All wonderful things to look forward to in October. NOT to mention, all the Green Lantern goodies.

Booster and Jonah Hex, just cracks me up.
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