Tuesday, August 07, 2007



There hasn't been any content worth noting here in the past couple of weeks.

Which leads me to this...

I'm taking some time off. A week or so should do.

And no, nothing's horribly wrong. Here's the deal...

Right now, it doesn't feel like I'm even trying to write.

Lately, it feels as though all I've been doing is posting up pictures, commenting on them and walking away.

There are numerous comics blogs that do that and have no problem with it.

I sorta do.

I want to get back to actually doing something I'd actually like to read.

Ideas are important to me.

I have ideas. Plenty of good ones, too. I have a new banner. I want to present them to you. Until I feel as though I can actually do them justice, well...

Instead of having you wonder about the lack of posts over the next week or so, I thought you'd like to know what was going on.

See you soon,

Oh sure, you get a job as a cop in Metropolis and suddenly no more time to blog. I see how it works!

I have been missing your questions and a statement lately, I guess I'll have to wait a couple weeks more.
Will keep checking back til the new and improved Seven (Eight?) Hells arrives!
Enjoy the break and know your loyal readers wish you the best!

I hope you'll stick with the podcasts in the interim. Those are great.
There's a new podcast going up today, I think.
Enjoy the break, Devon!
By the way, that's a VERY nice Hawkman you have there.
John Watson did some great Hawkman covers, and that one may be my favorite.
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