Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Sketch-A-Palooza: Wonder Woman

Sketch-A-Palooza begins anew and this time with....

Wonder Woman as rendered by Cully "Black?" Hamner!

Now, I have no idea why Wonder Woman is reclining in such a way. I know, it's not very "warrior-like," but dammit, it is soooooo pretty!

If I wrote anything that Wonder Woman were in this is exactly how I would introduce her. Reclining inexplicably, looking right into "the camera."

Picture it:

John Stewart (Taking his seat at The JLA Conference Table) : Starro's attacking Fisherman's Wharf!

Wonder Woman (Reclining on the JLA's glass conference table) : Good! I'm tired of being made to hang around this conference table, anyway...

Or this scenario:

Geo-Force: By my crown...

Wonder Woman (Reclining on the Invisible Jet's wing) : For Hera's sake! Shut your stupid f*****' mouth, you fake little emperor, you!

Or this one...

Superman (Kneeling on the ground, crying again, clutching his "S") : Black Adam's killed millions!

Wonder Woman (Gliding on an air current) : Well, it is Tuesday...

Writing and art!

That's comics, people.


By the way, the new Big Monkey Podcast is up, up and away...

Thrill to the Deaths of The New (Podcasting) Gods!


Podcast was really good this week. I've gotta say that Mike Pellegrino is GREAT. You've got to keep him or have him guest a little more often. He hits the points on the head and gets a lot of what goes on.
"Wonder Woman (Gliding on an air current) : Well, it is Tuesday..."

THAT mad me laugh out loud.
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