Thursday, August 13, 2015


Lady Cop Joins CW's Arrow

You were living in the "Age Of Devon" all along.

It's taken nearly a decade to say this but, "I was right." (See "Labels" below)

You all laughed at my love for Lady Cop. I was paraded around the comics square and asked to renounce my love for all things Liza Warner, Lady Cop and I wouldn't.

I held my head up high and continued to love my favorite VD detecting detective. I withstood the heavy sighs. The offers to make a Blackhawks comic featuring ZERO Blackhawks as my new favorite. I held fast.

I loved Liza Warner and you couldn't stop me and now, I've been vindicated as Liza Warner will be added to The CW's Arrow series.


Will she finally find The Killer In Boots? Will we finally find out why she knows so much about venereal diseases?

Will we find out just how many venereal diseases Oliver Queen has?

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Haha, I heard a rumor about this months ago, and thought immediately of you.

So, how do you suppose she would be screwed up if she were to be re-introduced into comics these days?
They'd turn her into some sort of CSI-inspired hyper-genius with the ability to retain all sorts of information and possible precognitive abilities.

And dead parents.
... dead parents killed by a syphilis bacterium -- it probably carried a knife and wore a bandana, and cornered them in an alley and said stuff like, "haw haw, gonna party witchoo now!"

New And Improved Lady Cop probably has a corner of her apartment set up with training dummies of various venereal disease pathogens, so she can practice striking at their weak points.
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