Tuesday, October 27, 2015


Supergirl Thoughts

Watched the pilot episode of CBS' New Supergirl series and I was thoroughly charmed.

In the opening, we get the obligatory rocket launches and over explanation of events that lead to her and her cousin's arrival on Earth and from there we go into a young Krypyonian girl who's fully assimilated to everything this Earth has to offer.

Melissa Benoist is absolutely charming as Supergirl. With one episode, she's done for Supergirl what Robert Downey Jr. did for Iron Man. She embues Supergirl with a light that in other hands could come off as naïveté but in her portrayal it plays as absolute sincerity.

Other things I truly liked were that she lives in the fictional National City; fictional cities are key to my DC universe experience. I'm glad Supergirl gets her own as many great DC Comics character have. The thing I find interesting is that, nowadays, if you want to find the truest version of a DC comics hero, you have to turn on the television. Supergirl is the truest of heroes.

More fun was had in Kara's very own Lo(u)is Lane, Winn Schott, a name that longtime Superman fans know comes with its share of legacy and trouble. 

Jimmy... excuse me, James Olsen is front and center. A recent transplant from Metropolis, he finds himself at the event horizon of another once in a lifetime phenomenon.

The thing that I found the most interesting is that Kara Danvers AKA Kara Zor-El is perfectly grounded in so many ways. Her original mission was to watch over her baby cousin upon their arrival to Earth. En route, she's inexplicably diverted to The Phantom Zone and years later, transported to Earth.

The thing of it is is that we're never told HOW she was transported or why. What I'm most excited about is the possibility of finding out what years in the Phantom Zone could have done to Kara.

Hopefully, this is something that will be explored in future episodes.

Supergirl is off to a great start and I'm honestly hopeful about where this series can go. It seems to know the depth of its source material and more importantly, the care fans have for Supergirl.


I loved it too. Holy hell did they pick the right actress in Melissa Benoist. She actually makes the glasses work as a disguise, and I'm charmed by both Kara and Supergirl.

I like what I think will be the core of the show: a basically optimistic representation of being a girl, a hero, and/or both. I don't see them being all dark and brooding about it, or at least I hope they have the good sense not to go there. She's already gotten past the death of everyone she loved, let her stay basically happy.

I have yet to warm to Alex, Hank Henshaw, or Win Schott, but holy cow I dig the chemistry between Kara and Jimmy. I'm not usually into shipping, but I really can't wait for them to start smashing their mouths and genitals at each other, or however it is babies are made. I went to the adult book store and asked how much was a birthing matrix but they didn't have any.
I'm sitting at my work desk trying not to fall over from laughing.
OMG PERD HAPLEY IS IN NATIONAL CITY the implications are staggering is Li'l Sebastian really Comet the Super-Horse?
Also, is it possible that Hank Henshaw has a secret ... that he is really J'onn J'onnz? I have no strong reason to think so, but it feels like a thing they could be doing.
He's... something.

We know he could become the Cyborg Superman but I'm beginning to think they're not going to stick to the comics script.
My reasons for thinking he is J'onn are pretty flimsy: going undercover to protect the world from alien threats feels like a J'onn thing to do, J'onn lost his family, he's got red eyes. What if ... Hank Henshaw WAS a cyborg, J'onn had to destroy him, and now J'onn is taking his place? What if the cyborg reactivates, and we get an episode with two Hank Henshaws duking it out?

Something else I wanted to mention that bothered me about this episode but it's a side issue: DDT is not banned. DDT is restricted to disease-control functions, per the EPA and per the World Health Organization, because overusing it just leads to populations of DDT-resistant insects. It's happened in countries such as Sri Lanka, where they DDT'd the hell out of bugs in the 1950s only to end up with bugs they couldn't control in the 1960s. That's evolution for ya. (I haven't even mentioned the environmental impact of too much DDT because that can be a contentious issue, and because the current status of DDT doesn't much hinge upon the environmental impact.)
How, HOW is it that the best representation of Superman we've seen in years is a chat window on a TV show?

DC, are you watching this? Do you have any idea of why we like "Supergirl"?
I know, right?!?

Excited that they'll be bringing Chase in to future episodes.
??? An odd choice, but I'd watch.


(Yeah yeah, Cameron Chase, I know. Who also has ties to the Martian Manhunter!)
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