Thursday, November 12, 2015


DC You Thoughts

I find it weird that I actually decided to fire up "Seven Hells!" again when as of the last Wednesday of November, I'll be reading ZERO DC Comics with my beloved PREZ coming to an end with issue six.

There was time when I'd have believed I'd be looking at an Avengers comic with a black Captain America and a female Thor kissing on the cover before I'd believe I'd be reading no DC Comics.

At my peak DC reading, I was doing about 25-30 comics a month.

Now? Zero.

That day is here because well... frankly, DC has given me nearly five years to think about it. Since the New 52 reboot, I've found exactly one comic I'd want to subscribe to on a monthly basis and today, I finally admitted it to myself...

Somewhere along the line, I knew DC didn't want me as a customer anymore. 

I left comics retail nearly two years ago but old habits die hard and I still look at sales charts and... Oh, boy, wow.

One DC Comic in the Top 20. One. It's Batman, of course, while most of their books are selling below 20,000 copies. 

The true DC fans have been shaken out and the diehards stuck around for a universe that trained you to think there's only Batman, maybe The Justice League and then, everyone else.

I won't go into great detail about interconnectivity as I've done it before elsewhere but I will say that it was a selling point for me and my dollars. Now, my dollars go to trades like the recent Birds of Prey, Volume One where I can revisit those themes.

The weird thing is that they're publishing some of the best books they've done in years.

I'm excited to read Tom King's Omega Men and Steve Orlando's Midnighter in trade. DC has a crop of new and exciting writers doing incredible things but unfortunately, I think the audience who would've shown up for them was abandoned by DC nearly five years ago.

Don't get me started on this new rocker Black Canary thing....