Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Watch This Space...

Taking a bit of a break from other things and firing up the engines again for DC Comics' reboot/not-a-reboot/not-a-DC-You/Nor-a-New-52 Rebirth!

A new initiative that promises legacy and the putting back of things where we old DC Comics fans left them.

I admit it, I am a bit excited. I want to be a DC Comics fan but in the past five years, DC hasn't given me much to crow about. Now, wouldn't it be great if DC actually acknowledged that "Fox and Crow" was a once thing?

Anyway, in those nearly five years, I have not followed one post-DC Universe title for any longer than six issues.

Not that I didn't want to. I just wasn't excited about a universe where you launch a Blackhawks title with, you know, no actual ties to The Blackhawks in it.

"She a lady hockey player?"
(High fives and laughter at the DC conference table)
At my peak, I was reading between 25-40 DC Comics a month and in the time it takes for the "Heroes" TV series to squander a ton of buzz and receive a second mercy killing, I was down to reading one lone DC Comic.

Prez. Since Prez, I've picked up Midnighter in trade and loved it. Just in time to see it cancelled. See, the weird thing is that DC actually was doing some fairly interesting books but in the rush to gain new readership from constant first issues and hype behind lenticular covers, they forgot that folks just want to enjoy the books they're reading.

Say what you will about the Harley Quinn series but the folks reading it are buying it and most important to sales, sharing that they're actually enjoying it.

More than anything, I just want to like DC Comics again. 

I want to be excited about what Superman does. I want to see Dick Grayson standing next to Donna Troy and know that something works again. I want to feel a connection. I want to be excited to have a DC Comic in my hands again.

So, watch this space... I'm going to read some DC Comics again.


I'm optimistic. If nothing else, even DC has to have noticed by now that people like the "Supergirl" show, and they might consider making Superman kind and relatable for once.

I think DC needs to do anthology books again, like they did in my pre-Crisis youth. They feel that "Midnighter" isn't selling well enough? Then move it to the middle of "Adventure Comics".
I love a good anthology but they, unfortunately, don't sell.

Dark Horse has a long time anthology out there but I don't believe it exists for sales but more to introduce new concepts.

Marvel and DC aren't going to do that as they're married to their 75 year old intellectual property.

But yeah, I'd love it if the markets wanted that format.
I picked up the "Legends of Tomorrow" anthology (at $7.99 it's not a cheap investment) and was thoroughly underwhelmed. As good as it should be to have Gerry Conway writing Firestorm again, it was resoundingly lackluster. The Metamorpho story was tedious, and aggravating in its lack of momentum. Sugar and Spike actually has some potential. I didn't even read the Metal Men story (I fell asleep on page 1 and haven't gotten back to it) but the new character designs are godawful ugly.

As Devon said, anthologies don't sell well, and this one is not going to be an exception if this is what we get. Sugar and Spike is the right idea...a quick done-in-one story to introduce the characters and concept, subsequent issues can set up a longer play. But that Metamorpho story is all spinning wheels, no excitement at all. And nobody's known what to do with Firestorm really since Dan Jolly's stint.

What DC really needs is another Wednesday Comics.
Or at the very least team-up books. They've got a Harley one so good start...but a Brave and the Bold, a DC Comics Presents, and a Wonder Woman one would all be nice ways of breathing life into this soggy still-new DCU.
Would love another Wednesday Comics but as great as seeing it in print again would be, I think that something like WC would thrive in digital.
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