Saturday, September 10, 2016


Superman #6: The Comic I've Been Waiting Six Years For

Thursday, I read Superman #6 and felt something I hadn't felt in a Superman comic in a very long time: Superman.

As I put the book down, I realized something, I was smiling and then, I picked it up again and read it. It was better the second time around. It went deep into my heart. It had symbolism. It had heart. It had family. It had Superman.

Everything that has made Superman, Superman could be found in this issue.  It had hope. It gave a glimpse into the future while giving us the best of the past.

There it all was: Superman rallying the souls of Krypton to simply do what's right. Not just to save his son and wife, Lois but to fight against The Eradicator's singular eugenics.

In a bit of writing brilliance, Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason present Superman to us through his son's eyes. We get to see Superman through the truest of eyes: the eyes of a child. As a kid, there wasn't a battle I didn't believe Superman couldn't win and with issue six, Jon Kent is us.

In an effort to defeat The Eradicator, Superman calls to one of his greatest allies and the minute he sprung into the page, I just... just... man. It's good to have him back and most likely as a faithful companion to the newest addition to the Superman family.

Maybe my favorite thing was seeing Lois Lane be amazing all over again. In the previous issue, to save her son, she donned the suit of armor Batman wore to face the fires of Darkseid's homeworld of Apokolips in order to save his son, Damian. That was deep. In that moment, her love for her family was shown as fierce as any in the DC Universe.

The final pages of this comic end with the corniest but most necessary of moments; Superman being presented with the Key to The City of Metropolis as Jon and Lois look on from afar. *sigh*

And on the final page, Superman presents his greatest creation to the two people, outside of family, who matter most. With a small "Hi," from the new Superboy and new Trinity assembled, Superman's Rebirth era, became something I went into wholeheartedly.

He is, again, a man who is sure.

He is here to stay.