Friday, December 23, 2005

Character Donation #114

Is that The Green Lantern Corps: Recharged I just read and actually enjoyed? Why, yes! It was!

Well, it was no Darkstars, that was fer shure! Remember The Darkstars? They were designed to sorta be like the Green Lantern Corps but kinda more space cop-py. They were cop-ies!

Get it?

Long story short, The Darkstars after a while became a dumping ground for DC characters at a creative crossroads. Donna Troy was a Darkstar after losing her powers as was current JLA Green Lantern John Stewart, post-Cosmic Odyssey yellow death machine explosion.

With The Corps back and better than ever, do we need this cosmic copycat squad. Do you really think The Manhunters would fear these guys?


Send them to Marvel where they can fight Nova and his amazing friends to see who sucks the most cosmos.


Ragnell said...

I wholeheartedly support this Character Donation.

Just make sure it includes Donna Troy.

CalvinPitt said...

Unless they're going to be on uninhabited alien world, just as Galactus prepares to devour it, when they enter Marvel, no dice.

I am not going to foist Jean Grey off on you, just to get an even more convoluted character back in Donna Troy!

CalvinPitt said...

Ok, I gave it some thought. Donna Troy has to die, but I'll permit the others to live. I'm envisioning them more as bounty hunters though. I can't really think of any alien races in Marvel that would commission a group of space cops. Agreed?

Diamondrock said...

I think all the Darkstars already bought it in Adam Strange: Planet Heist. But I could be wrong.

Adrian said...

One thing I've never understood: why does the symbol of the head darkstar, the one with the pink skin, look like a piano?

Mallet said...

The Darkstars are infact dead as of Planet Hiest.

Devon said...

Fire the corpses at The Nova Corps.