Monday, July 31, 2006

Devon Goes Cat-Blogging

I'm back.... sorta. The reason for my low output lately? I've been sick for the entire month of July. Earlier in the month, I got sick and preceded to lose nearly 15 pounds in two weeks. The next week, I found out the hard way that I'm lactose intolerant (That was fun) and now I'm finishing out the month hacking up bits.

Believe it or not, this is the best I've felt all month. So, yeah...I wasn't in much of a mood to do much of anything, much less try and finish semi-coherent thought on a semi-daily basis. So, in order to not subject you to tedious daily posts about how bad I felt (cat-blogging), I decided to take some time off.

So what did I do with my time off from "Seven Hells!"?

I watched Season One of Veronica Mars. (Absolutely loved it.)

Saw Pirates of the Carribbean: Dead Man's Chest. (Was it me but did you feel like Johnny Depp just kinda "showed up" and collected a paycheck in this one?)

Purged more of my comic book collection. Those issues of Rob Liefeld's Glory were making me feel dirty.

Slept... a lot.

Learned to appreciate this hobby of mine just that much more.

On that note, tomorrow brings a new and hopefully better month and "Seven Hells!" will return with the much promised, often-delayed Kyle Rayner: ADULT! Week!

'Til tomorrow!


AnthonyF said...

Veronica Mars, eh? I can't think of a better way to pass the time. I can't wait for season 3 (and 4, 5, 6 . . .)

Dr Obvious said...

Get better man. I got Mono this year, followed up by a lower respiratory infection that put me out for about a month and a half all told. I know where you're coming from.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back Devon! Sorry I missed you this week..but I hope you're feeling better!
Dr. M.

The Fortress Keeper said...

Glad you're feeling better.

Veronica Mars is great, and Alan Moore came up with an interesting iteration on Glory once. Don't know if it ever saw print beyond a quickie try-out though.

The Doc said...

Devon, glad to hear you're feeling better. And REALLY glad to hear that Kyle Rayner: ADULT! Week's actually upon us. I've been waiting on tenterhooks.

jonni said...

w0000t! K.R:A.W.!!!

Sorry to hear you've been unwell - but happy to know you're better!

My internet browsing time (ie. work) hasn't been the same without you!

Anonymous said...

Good to hear you're feeling better.

And V Mars is one of the best things on tv right now, even if season 2 wasn't quite as good as season 1.

Anonymous said...

oops, that was me!