Monday, March 26, 2007

Read Good Comics: Empowered

I got the opportunity to review Adam Warren's graphic novel, Empowered for "Rack Raids," the best l'il comics review site in the world.

I know Empowered isn't DC but... hey, good comics is good comics.

Be here later on this week for Reason Five of "Reasons To Love The Third Smartest Man In The DC Universe" and a new feature, "Great Missed Opportunities."


Raz said...

WAITAMINNIT....that guy just behind Star Girl, or Half-Nekkid Lady, or whatever her name he holding his penis??

Surely that ain't PG..


Christopher said...

This was HILARIOUS.with tittilating good girl art! Wonderful stuff.

go read it!!

jonathan said...

just read the first volume for the second time and this is a cute little sleeper hit. the fanservice is adorable and the characters are both fun and believable. even the "raper of worlds" is considered a geek. can't wait for the next volume to see if the ninja galpal gets a boytoy for herself or if she gets decent minions at least.