Friday, May 27, 2005


Rannian "Intelligence" Report 5-28-05

According to published reports from Rannian sympathizer, Dial "B" For Blog, Rann is apparently building some sort of "superweapon" in an effort to fell our beloved Thanagar. Thanagarian Intelligence reports this as nonsense, unless on Rann drinking large amounts of Mountain Dew while re-winding that "lesbian" kissing scene from "Cruel Intentions" over and over again and kissing the back of your hand has something to do with building a "superweapon."

I believe we will be O.K.


For Thanagar!

Just keep telling yourself you are "OK" as Rann's new superweapon devastates Thanagar. The Thannies won't know what hit them! I hear testing is almost complete...
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