Monday, November 14, 2005


Adam Beechen Hates Me.

Taken from February's DC solicitations:

Written by Adam Beechen
Art and cover by Ethen Beavers

In the deep reaches of outer space, Superman lies injured
and powerless on a remote planet under a red sun. And the
only one who can save the Man of Steel is…Space Cabby?

Oh, now....!

What th...

Adam Beechen hates me! First, Vibe and now...

Space Cabby?

Adam Beechen is on my "Enemies List."

He is an Absorbascon sympathizer.

Adam Beechen hates me.


Assist me to the couch; I think I have a humor-hernia!
By the way....

Never seen me and Adam together, have you...?
Sue Dibny dies, but Space Cabby lives on?

There ain't no justice.

Actually, I kinda like that all these third-, fourth- and fifth-string characters are popping up again. They aren't ALL getting killed off, and knowing they're there makes the DCU a better place.
Space Cabbie brings just a little bit more oddness to the DCU.

Odd is Good

I look forward to February, and the glimpse into the Wonderful World of Odd it shall bring.

(Oh, and the RTW:IC Special. I love how Ivan Reis draws Kyle Rayner)
If Space Cabbie is killed off, I will hunger strike-cum-burn myself, Tibetan Monk-style, outside the DC offices. No blood for Crisis!
I done told you: Space Cabbie is the quintessential DC character: odd, somewhat stupid when you think about it too long (> 1 second) yet gloriously goofy at the same time so you have to like it.

(Also: better in concept than execution for 99% of the time...)
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