Monday, November 14, 2005


R.I.P. Eddie Guerrero


My heart's a bit broken today. I just read of the death of easily my favorite wrestler, Eddie Guerrero, a few minutes ago. I don't follow wrestling like I used to but man, when I did, it was to see Eddie.

Why? Every performance, every show, the man was there to entertain and he did, every single time. "Win" or "lose," you could never say that Eddie didn't deliver. To see this man overcome the obstacles of drug and alcohol abuse, the stigma of being labeled "too small" to compete in a "sport" dominated by big men (He was 5'8") and rise to the top, was a rare privilege to see. To see Eddie operate at the top of his game was a privilege. A privilege I will sorely miss. I'll miss the man even more.

I saw Eddie live at a Smackdown! taping back on Oct. 30. EVev though he lost twice that nite (he had a World Title dark match after the tapping), he was happy to be in LA with his raza! One of the best wrestlers I've ever seen, live and in general. He will be greatly missed.
I too, will miss Eddy. I also had an entry about him in my blog here:
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