Friday, November 18, 2005


Waaay Out Of Your League

Lot of news in this Newsarama article but the thing that struck me the most was this:

Plastic Man [is ending] with #20, Flash with #230, Superman #226 is the last issue for that numbering, Wonder Woman #226 is the last issue of that run, Gotham Knights #74, Gotham Central #40, JLA #125, and Batgirl #73.

JLA is ending with its' 125th issue. Any takers on it becoming more like the animated Justice League Unlimited series upon its' return?

Or they might just run with JLU...

OK, I don't think so, either, but it's a hell of a thought.
I say restore the original numbering. That would put it at #387 for the new series, giving one full year to build up to a big #400...
I'm hoping the next incarnation has the Wonder Twins, Zan and Jayna, and their space monkey, Gleek.
Guy at my comic shop noted this.... The original Justice League *of* America ended with 261, the followup Justice League America ended with 113, and the current JLA series is ending with 125. Add them up, that's 499. Anyone want to bet that they'll restart Justice League *of* America with the old numbering at 500, like Marvel did with Spidey, FF, and Avengers?
Perhaps they'll relaunch it with a #500 written by Bendis, then relaunch it again three months later with a new #1, and a JLA comprised of a bunch of C-listers who spend all their time talking about nothing of significance. Then they'll spend four months introducing a thinly-disguised version of the Hulk to the team, only for him to not actually appear in any subsequent stories, before rounding out the first year with a "who is Renegade?" storyline in which it'll be obvious from the very start that "Renegade" is in fact Batman in disguise, but there'll be an implausible final twist in which it turns out to be Lady Shiva in a man-suit.

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