Monday, January 30, 2006



I am here to make an announcement.

The Brave & The Bold writer Bob Haney was a genius. A mad genius but a genius, nonetheless. How do I know this? I read it in a book. The Titans Companion, to be exact. One of the things I loved most about Haney was his dialogue, as it was... let's just say... unique. While surfing around, I ran across this. Without knowing exactly what comic it came from, my very first thought was, "Probably Bob Haney."

Batman walking around in broad daylight, checking out the ladies...oh, is nothing short of "delicious."

Screw what you thought you knew, dialogue and plot worked with Haney, not the other way around, man. Haney didn't give a damn about your continuity rules, man. IF Batman wants to take a daytime stroll, dammit, in The Haneyverse, Batman takes a daytime stroll! For someone who really did not give much of a damn about continuity, I've discovered Haney created or co-created a lot of it for other persons to play with.

Slowly but surely, Bob Haney became one of The Silver Age's main architects.
For starters: Did you know that it was Bob Haney who provided Robin with his favored mode of transportation, the motorcycle? Think about. When you picture Robin, it's not in the passenger seat of The Batmobile, is it. No, it's Robin on a red motorcycle blasting towards danger. That was pure Haney.

Haney also had a hand in creating or co-creating DC Comics mainstays The Doom Patrol, Sgt. Rock, Metamorpho, The Ocean Master and God love Bob Haney...


As the peach is synonymous with Georgia, crazy Silver Age DCU was synonymous with Haney. We at "Seven Hells!" absolutely adore "good" crazy and nothing says "crazy good" Black Manta and The DCU legacy left behind by Mr. Bob Haney.

I didn't see anything you wrote, as I was too busy looking at the Robin picture and those cute little hot pants...

Am I going to prison for that?
That's "New Teen Titans" Robin. He's of age. So, go for it!
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