Friday, January 27, 2006


The Sound And The Fury

What is the sound a man makes when caught in a sandstorm generated by Hawkman's wings?

That's right, ladies and gentlemen. "YOOCH!"

I hope to someday to have a lovely young lady make that sound someday but not in a Hawkman-generated-sandstorm kind of way...

...if ya know what I mean. (Said while poking you in the ribs in a "Kyle Rayner" sort of way.)*

*Send all complaints to Scipio Garling who will forward them to "The Hal Jordan Council To Prevent Childhood Head Trauma."

A worthy cause and one I could have benefitted from.

Oh, well, the man's a foreigner.

Foreigners always say perverted things like "yooch", whereas decent American comic book crooks might say "yow".

The surest way to tell whether a crook is American or foreign is to push him off a building.

The America will go, "AAahhhH!"
The foreigner will go, "AAAiieEEE!"
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