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Big Monkey Comics: Jimmy Palmiotti Interview

Recently, I had the chance to interview writer/inker Jimmy (Jonah Hex, Daughters of The Dragon, Painkiller Jane) Palmiotti. The interview can be found exclusively on my store's website, Big Monkey Comics. In it Jimmy speaks on his role in Marvel's late 90's financial and creative turnaround, his feelings on ex-Marvel exec Bill Jemas, speaks on the upcoming DC mini-series Crisis Aftermath: The Battle For Bludhaven and even finds the time to lay down hints about a couple of exciting new DC and Marvel projects.

This will be the first in what I hope to be many interviews and what better way to start than one of comics' hottest creators.

Also over at COMICBOOKRESOURCES.COM, Chuck Austen defends himself.

The thing I love about the Chuck interview was he revealed the secret of his failures: he asked the fans what they wanted and gave it to them. Doh!

I dislike a lot of his work but his Exiles was pretty awesome. I don't understand why so many people hate him, save that anger for folks who really go out of the way to poop on comics.
I wasn't exactly sold on Palmiotti's response to your last question, so I brought it up with my friends in a chat (while playing devil's/Palmiotti's advocate). Here's our analysis (feel free to delete this if you don't like the length, Devon, as long as you read it at least):

AndrewMtC: who would win in a fight: monkey with a knife, or cobra with a poisoned spike tied to its head?
BlackBBear710: cobra
NiGhTwInGcM: that poisoned spike makes it unfair, cause he's got like one hundred times the monkey's level of poison
BlackBBear710: yeah
NiGhTwInGcM: why give a poison animal extra poison?
AndrewMtC: cause the spike needs the same powers he has
NiGhTwInGcM: or are we assuming these are tools that they can craft themselves?
AndrewMtC: no
AndrewMtC: theyre just trained in their use
NiGhTwInGcM: well then a monkey should have a crap throughing bazooka
AndrewMtC: couldnt the monkey climb something and throw/drop the knife at the cobra?
BlackBBear710: lol
NiGhTwInGcM: throwing
AndrewMtC: no! those are their weapons!
NiGhTwInGcM: well yeah it all depends on the terrain
NiGhTwInGcM: but i'm assuming we're talking a standard mexican cock fighting pit
AndrewMtC: well i dont know if you would ever let a monkey fight on a plain
NiGhTwInGcM: which is where all epic animal matchups take place
AndrewMtC: a monkey cant do s**t on ground level
BlackBBear710: lol
AndrewMtC: but snakes climb trees too, so i think it evens it out more if there at least one tree
BlackBBear710: meh
BlackBBear710: maybe
BlackBBear710: I think the cobra has way too big of an advantage
AndrewMtC: hmm really
NiGhTwInGcM: yeah, its unfair
AndrewMtC: even in the trees?
BlackBBear710: yeah cobras are quick as s**t
AndrewMtC: okay
Augman678: yea
NiGhTwInGcM: yeah as soon as monkey touches him, he's gonna snap around and spike him
BlackBBear710: mmmhm
AndrewMtC: but he's got a knife and arms to throw it with
AndrewMtC: and s**t to throw to blind the cobra
NiGhTwInGcM: cobra might venom spit him
NiGhTwInGcM: and hynotize him, so he just drops out of the tree
BlackBBear710: but how smart would a monkey have to be to figure out how to accurately throw a knife and have it hit where it would matter...that and a cobra is a small ass target
NiGhTwInGcM: yeah, its not like a small bit of poo striking anywhere on the towering human body
AndrewMtC: theyre mad accurate with their s**t
AndrewMtC: why not with a knife
AndrewMtC: and i said they're trained to use their weapons
NiGhTwInGcM: they aren't that accurate i don't think
AndrewMtC: i think they are
AndrewMtC: i dont know for sure, but i have that impression
NiGhTwInGcM: combined with the snake's speed and camoflauge capabilies
AndrewMtC: i guess
NiGhTwInGcM: its uneven
BlackBBear710: Knives are hard for humans to be accurate with even when skilled and a cobra's only like 4 inches or so across at most that's a small ass target when moving
NiGhTwInGcM: now an electric eel versus a vampire bat with three minutes of air in a tiny scuba tank...that's a match up

[...and so hours passed]
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