Wednesday, February 22, 2006


"Now We're Really Even."

I knew it! Hal's a "bottom!"

Oh! By the way...who's that yelling at Batman and Hal off-panel?

Doctor Light.

EVERYONE is a bottom to Batman.

I think I'm going to turn that picture into an inspiration poster.

In my boudoir.
well that's just disturbing... and, uh, good for you Scip
Always remember: Batman likes it on top.
You really should provide the context for that panel, because it looks very misleading. If you look closely, it almost makes it seem like Batman is having anal sex with Green Lantern.

You're welcome. Just trying to help.
Dr. Light has always been a very impressive scientist. But an Anal Rape Ray? Sheer genius.
Actually, I believe that's a Purple Anal Rape Ray.

So now we know where Rucka got his hated/beloved Purple Death Ray.
Notice that Hal is completely and conspicuously silent... hmm...
If this panel were a 1970s sitcom, either a priest, a Guardian, or Aunt Harriet[*] would walk in on them now. And then they'd try to explain themselves with hillarious consequences.

[*]But not Alfred. He knows what time it is.
Robin bursts into the scene.

"Holy cuckold, Batman! Am I not enough for you? I wear chainmail panties and elf boots for you, and this...this is what you do?

"I'm leaving! Send my stuff to the Red Bee's secret headquarters. Now he's a hero who knows how to treat a 'sidekick.'"
HAHAHA! Hal's face! Hal's frightened, worried face! Haahahahahahaha!
I think that Roel fellow has a point. Out of context, this panel is really misleading, and could give people the wrong impression.
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