Thursday, March 23, 2006


As If Superman Needed Your Permission...

...cuz, baby, wherever Superman goes, it becomes "The Wild Area"...

"By Rao"? Uh...for doing his own thing Superman is kind of a square. Especially that weak ass Charleston he is dancing.
Why the hell is Superman beating up a middle-aged man in carnie suspenders? Did Clark get embarassed when he tried to win Lois that stuffed Krypto dog?
Wait a minute... that's the exact same dance Daniel Vosovick was doing in the opening credits for 'Project Runway." I knew it looked familiar!

I just want to know if the old hippie's egg ever hatched.
" Superman beating up a middle-aged man"

Oh, is THAT what he meant by "taking a poke" at the guy?
I realize it's not kosher to cast an askance eye at Shuster, but man, that's one tiny-looking Superman in that last picture.
Umm... Is it just me, or does anyone else think Booster Gold looks like he has a crush?
damn straight!

It's just you.

To me, Booster looks like the only guy angry that the guy with X-Ray vision keeps winning.

Steel, Flash, and Huntress look like they're happy just to be in the room with the big cheater.

"heiynia": What Superman suffers after doing that lame-ass Charlston.
This post, especially the tag line, just gave me a wonderful idea for an Elseworlds story:

Superman: Frank Sinatra.
Batman: Dean Martin.
Wonder Woman: Angie Dickinson.
Flash: Sammy Davis, Jr.
Aquaman: Peter Lawford.
Green Lanthern: Joey Bishop.

Together they are the JPAB: The Justice Pack of America, Baby!
Bully, that makes so much sense it hurts.
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