Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Kyle Rayner: ADULT!

For this week's installment of Kyle Rayner:ADULT!, please pick up your hymnals and turn to "The cRazY Book of Peyer."

Hourman #1, to be exact...

You know what the greatest part of this page is? Is it the look on Kyle's face as he reacts to Hourman's accusations?

This is the look of a guy caught putting a firecracker in a cat's butt.

Is it the Kyle's child-like discourse of "LA-LA-LA-LA-LA! I'm not listening to you!"

No, my friends, it is the looks on the faces of Kyle's fellow Justice Leaguers, anticipating Kyle's ass-kicking at the hands of a trained killer, The Huntress.

Zauriel (thinking) : I have been absolutely praying for this day to come.

Flash (thinking) : Hey, Huntress, "Got milk?" *huh-huh*

There's very little that you can count on in the future. Stock may rise, it may fall. Love may fade. My friends, may we all take comfort in knowing that even in the future, Kyle will still be a bit of an idiot.


It's been a while since I read that issue. Is it also Kyle who suggests that JLA's expert on romance is Batman?
Zauriel's look says,

"Go, Helena, discpline of Peter. Smite the hedonistic simpleton with thy crossbow of God, and thou wilt be forgiven."
A bit of an idiot? A *bit* of an idiot? I love Kyle and I have to take issue with that.

Kyle Rayner is a *whole* idiot.
Man, Kyle is so bad that just the idea of him doing something stupid gets him in trouble!
Green Lantern must be a doofus, its like a rule or something. Otherwise, the stories would be over before they even get started.

It is really cool that DC has managed to come up with distinctive flavors of idiocy for the GL franchise -- senility (Alan), lack of common sense (Hal), and sanity-flaying immaturity (Kyle). Keeps me coming back for more.
So, uh, Devon... How do you know that's the "firecracker in a cat's butt look?" Experiment with feline sphincter's and explosives as a wee lad?
If that isn't the best thing ever done with Kyle Rayner, I don't know what is.

Why, why did they stop the "DC's Peter Parker" thing? That worked so well.
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