Saturday, April 08, 2006


Enter At Your Own Risk!

I love fan films, and this one in particular. It's a damn shame that the trailer is the only thing available...
that was pretty damn sweet
Great, let's turn Ollie into a serial killer. That worked SO WELL with Daredevil. I for one am glad that this is just a fan trailer.
Yeah, I didn't like it, either. It looked slick enough, but if there's ever a Green Arrow movie, I'd like it to be a bit lighter in tone.

And what was up with the sword?

"Sword of Star City".
Very "Longbow Hunters," because unless I am drastically off my game, Ollie was shafting some folks especially toward the end there.

I like it. It's very dark, but GA himself has been dark at times. I'm curious as to why we never see his face. Most likely because no human male can actually grow a goatee like that. :)
My screen froze up the time Ollie grabbed his bow after the woman got her mouth covered. So far a bit too dark for my tastes too. Youtube is everywhere these days. Has anyone on the net not found it?
Okay I tried agian and it worked. What in the Seven Hells was wrong the first time I don't know. That was pretty bad. Well done but not for me.
Actually, it made me mad.

Black Canary turned into a stupid reporter girlfriend. Yuck!
I can appreciate the skill and craft it takes to make a fictional movie trailer...but movie trailers do not tell a story. There's only flash and symbolism. I'd much rather see a three minute short film with a beginning, middle, and end--a plot--than another one of these cool pieces all strung together to emulate Hollywood.

There's nothing wrong with it per's just the equivalent of a comics artist only doing pin-ups or portfolio pieces and not working on sequential storylines. You can appreciate the craft but there's the real meat is missing.
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