Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Kyle Rayner: ADULT!: Now With MORE Dead Girlfriends!

Kissing Kyle could become hazardous to your health.


Ha! It's perfect!
I forgot about his hookup with the artificial person. God, he does get around doesn't he? At this rate, he's even going to catch up with Matt Murdock.
So I'm guessing this means the facehugger's not long for this world, too.

In fact, at this rate, rgreene's suggestion that Kyle is in fact, actually cursed by some god seems like a better and better explaination.

At first I was thinking a vengeful goddess and/or Zamaron, but then I thought a "Spirit of Misogyny," the equivalent of the Yellow Fear Space-Worm Ret-Con thing, would be even more appropriate.
Okay, I missed this one. Where'd you find it?

And I need her name for my list.

Her name's Crowe and I found this in Green Lantern vs. Aliens #3.

I believe it's still in TPB.


It starts with an Alien invasion that Hal fails to put down and years later comes back to bite Kyle in the ass.
It's got a dead Kyle girlfriend AND Hal being an utter screw-up? I clearly need to find Green Lantern vs. Aliens.

By the way, does that last panel with Crowe look utterly wrong to anyone else? Please say it's not just me.
This is a REALLY stupid question, one I'm guessing was quietly ignored for the sake of the crossover but...

Aliens is one of Kyle's favorite movies. He even scared the hell out of villain in an early issue by constructing one with his ring.

Didn't he think the aliens he was fighting were awfully... familiar?
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