Monday, June 26, 2006


Superman Returns: Blogging's Easiest Review

I just got back from seeing a sneak preview of Superman Returns. I wanted to write some wonderfully detailed post but as I began to write, one single thought kept running across my mind:

I haven't felt this way after a movie since seeing Superman:The Movie as a six-year old in 1978.

I think that sums up my feelings pretty well.

I thought it was AWESOME! If there were any shortcomings, it was that Lois and Superman were a little stiff..but that's not unusual for the 'first' in the franchise. I liked Kate Bosworth's Lois more than the Margot Kidder Lois. Some GREAT special effects! Thanks again for giving me the chance to see the advance...!
Totally sucked - but non-comic fans will like it.
Gah, I hate that comment. Everyone said that about X3, as if knowing that it didn't perfectly follow the comic version of the Dark Phoenix Saga somehow turned it into pure crap.
It was a good movie and 'non-comic book fans will like it' is an ignorant comment. It implies not only that a movie can't be good if it doesn't 100% follow comic continuity (impractical to say the least), but that every comic book fan is some kind of unreasonable plot-nazi and none of us could ever like a movie that differs from the established story.

I'd just as soon not be grouped in with people who think like that.
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