Thursday, August 03, 2006


Kyle Rayner: ADULT! Week!: Day Three

When last we left our kid Kyle he was gonna get his head blown off his shoulders...

What the @#&% is this $#!%? They're talking it out? Lowering their weapons?!? Reasoning? This was the Nineties? Who went and replaced the Alice In Chains soundtrack with this Rusted Root sh*t?

Alright!!! Lobo's here and standing in front of Tommy's favorite Irish bar, Noonan's! Now, we're getting somewhere! Only an apperance by Superfriends member El Dorado showing up at my front door, asking me to share his cerzeva, could make life any sweeter.

Oddly enough, this was the same reaction Kyle got at his Teen Titans meetings.

Turned down by a lush for induction onto a superteam? This would never happens in The Avengers.

Tune in tomorrow as we find out Kyle has no pockets.


Oh thank you, this is one of my
ALTIME favorite issues...second
only to "Zombie Night at Gotham
Aquarium". Haw! God, I miss this
book, it was a hoot. And you must admit that Garth Ennis did a rather
nice job of Kyle.
Does Hitman really count for "Kyle Rayner: Adult" purposes? Pretty much everybody but Superman came off looking like a doofus in Hitman. I feel like this is stacking the deck.
I'd say, "Yes, it would."

Just read Kyle's dialogue. It usaually operates at somewhere around a 9. It's up to 11 here.
Thanks Devon. Thanks for introducing me to Hitman way back when. Thanks for reminding me how much I loved Hitman. Thank you for making me giggle. I like you (grin) Keep it comin'
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